Behold, Thy King Cometh Unto Thee

“Let us set our own soul on that rocky hill and see Christ come to it. Long heard of, not a stranger, having often passed before our sight, at last He comes finally and formally to claim us for his own, to solemnly assert that we belong to Him, to bid us make our choice whether we will take Him for our King or not. Such days do come to all of us–days when we feel as if the Savior, who had been long tempting us, had gathered up all his power of appeal and expected to be then either accepted or rejected; days when the chance of the new spiritual life seems to stand with peculiar solemnity before our heart. Such days are to us what Palm Sunday was to Jerusalem. “

Phillips Brooks from Sermons for the Principle Festivals and Fasts of the Church Year, “The Sunday Next Before Easter”

Here is a link to the Google full text version of this series:


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John Koessler

John Koessler serves as professor and chair of the pastoral studies department at Moody Bible Institute. His most recent book is The Radical Pursuit of Rest published by InterVarsity Press.

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